Audit of Estimating

Audit of Contractor’s Estimating Process

Our audit service focuses on  answering the following questions:

– Can I increase a number of my winning bids?

– Can I reduce my estimating costs?

– Can I price fewer projects but get more winning bids?

– Does my estimating crew work effectively and efficiently?

– Can I control and direct the estimating process?

– If we increase estimating costs by $1.00, how much will we get in the winning bid


The following 3 factors of estimating process need to be analysed:

– Method of estimating

– Estimating tools

– Estimating management


Our scope of analysis in estimating methods is:

Find out what kind of estimating system parallel or independent fits better for your company’s needs, analyze company’s current estimating software and compare it to the existing estimating systems (quickness, accuracy, efficiency, easy to use, simplicity)


Our scope of analysis in estimating tools is:

Analyze what type of tools company uses for estimating and compare it to estimating tools available on market. (On screen take-offs, large format printers, estimating programs, Roll-Up,  Scale Master, etc)


Our scope of analysis in estimating management is:

Planning and prioritizing, evaluating current conditions (incomplete drawings, chance to get a job, etc) time management, comfortable circumstances for staff, using checking
system, reporting system, and analysing estimating norms and crew’s performance.


We prepare recommendations how to:

–  win more bids in your field,

– reduce estimating costs in your company,

– control and direct estimating crew more effectively ,

– analyse and evaluate their performance


We can also create the following:

Excel based project anagement and estimating programs

Inventory and labour control, invoicing programs

Evaluating system and norms for your estimating crew

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