Your customized spreadsheet program  only requires data input of your company’s specific information,  measurements, area, etc to get started. The rest of the calculations will be carried out by the software, thus reducing the opportunities for human error. In addition, you will get the desired statistics on screen as well (e.g. cost of one linear foot, square foot, etc) As a result, you will have a ready- to- go proposal in minutes.

The mobility of laptop computers and other devices will allow you to work anywhere, since an internet connection is not required for this program. It will only take a few minutes to input the data and get your proposal ready to go.  Changes to your proposal can be made even on sites, during the meetings in only a minute’s time.

There is always the possibility of having the spreadsheet program include separate calculations as desired. Also, if there is a need to hide certain prices and quotes, it can be easily done with just one click.

Throughout our consulting services you will be fully exposed to how the program works, and given choices that make you the designer of your own specific software.  This means that you will be able to update, change, and edit your program by yourself at any time.  The included customized reference manual can be used when in doubt.

We will introduce you and let you practice with our step-by-step system, which helps eliminate human estimation mistakes.  Simply following the system steps you will  check your data,  calculations, mark-up, and material pricing, while evaluating your outcomes using additional statistics, pertaining to your particular needs.

Click  the “contact us” button,  phone us at 604 468 4005, or email us info@bcestimators.com with a request for registration.  Our staff will contact you shortly to give you further information with dates and times of our classes.

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